Agriculture Issues and their Solutions Finding

Major Agriculture issues in Pakistan and their Solutions


Wheat is major cereal crop across world. Seed should be 50-80 kg as per sowing time. Seed must be treated with trusted source fungicide. If you applies fungicide then leave it for 24 hours and after that grow it. Better sowing time is mid October to Mid November. Always use approved varieties on large scale, line and non approved should be grown on small area and experimental basis. Fertilizer Plan Use 65-70 kg Phosphorus, 50 kg Nitrogen and 50 kg Potash. Also try to use 2 kg Sulfer on regular basis with first three irrigation. Seed should be free from weeds. Never use same seed on such plot from where seed collected. just repeat same seed maximum 2 year not took this for long time. Weeds control will increase your yield 20-3o%. Weeds must be controlled after first irrigation. Weeds control is also depended on your method of spray. In weeds control use T-Jet or Flat-fan Nozzle. When you are doing Weedicide spray here water or prepared suspension droplet size should greater.Flooding is best way for the application of fertilizers.








Fodder (Maize, Sorghum or Jawar, Barseem, Pearl millet or Bajra)

We are here to serve you in these segments, We will guide you about soil preparation, seed rate, beneficial and harmful insects and their control, Maximize yield and its preservation.

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