At BSH we want to recognize people who excel in their chosen field of hematology and have an exciting rewards and awards scheme that seeks to celebrate the success of both members and non-members. ۔

It is important that everyone from students to senior hematology professionals get their work exhibited and recognized.

COVID-19 update:
2020 Round ACCEA applications suspended. However, award holders whose awards expire in April 2021 can apply for a one-year extension of their award. The application process is now open. Please visit the ACCEA website for more information.

Procedure for BSH Nominations for ACCEA Awards and Responsibilities of Panel Members

The Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) are given annually to consultants for quality, excellence, and exceptional personal contributions. Recognized organizations, known as National Nomination Bodies and Specialist Societies, submit lists to review the relative excellence of the applications of a limited number of their members – depending on the size of their constituency. These lists are termed ‘nominations’.

BSH may nominate a limited number of applicants for the new award

  • 1 Gold
  • 3 Silver
  • 8 Bronze

BSH can support anyone who applies for a renewal of a previous award.

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