Convert Your PTCL Device into Wifi TP Link Router

Convert Your PTCL Device into Wifi TP Link Router

PTCL provides devices for internet to their customers. PTCL device or modem is cable operated modem. If you does not change its configuration it will be for one user only not as a Wifi device.

To convert it into Wifi router you should to change its setting then you can use it as a router. Following Steps will leads you to use it for your desired work.

1: First on your device which you want to convert

2: Connect Ethernet cable from modem port to Laptop/ System

3: Write IP address in the google search engine and press Enter. If you forget your IP address, then it can be taken from backside of  modem.

Convert Your PTCL Device into Wifi TP Link Router

4: After this step above screen will appear on your screen. put user name and password in this log. Password will be available on backside of device.

5:  Go to Advance setting>Management>Setting>Restore Default and then press Restore Default Setting button.

Default setting Log

6:  After pressing this restore default setting button it will fully restore your modem configuration. During resoring do not turn off your Device.

IP Address Change Step

7: After restarting it will again show you first step of login. After login go to advanced then advance setup>LAN>IP Adress and change IP Adress. After 1,2 figure or complete changing in IP Address press Apply/Save button.

For Example you have changed your IP Address from to is your new IP of Device. Now you will make all changes via this IP not from old.

8: After this step some time new IP does not open and work. So to avoid from this error you should to go on networking and open network and sharing Center>Change adopter Setting> Disable Local Area Connection 2 and enable it again. Repeat this point 2 time. Now go to Login page it will working properly.

ETH Wan Interface Configuration Step

9: Again go to advanced then Advance setup> Layer 2 Interface>FTH Interface. Click on add button. Select ETH port (eth0/etho). command to Apply/save button.

10: Go to WAN service and remove all WAN service interface. After removing WAN service Setup below picture will appear on your screen.

Convert Your PTCL Device into Wifi TP Link Router

11: Click on Add and choose (eth0/etho) and go to next and select IP Over Ethernet Wan service Type and press next and again press next. Now you will be on Network Address Translation Setting. Enable IGMP Multicast and press next button 3 times and 4th time in WAN Setup Summary step press apply/Save button.

12: Now go to Homepage and set your desire WIFI PW and save.

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