How To Boost Your Blog Post and Traffic

How To Boost Your Blog Post and Traffic

Blogging is information source where blogger share his views and information. Blog can be use for personal and business purpose.

Blog for business purpose needs more and more visitors to earn money. If you are finding blog visitors then you read it carefully it will help you step by step.

Boost Blog

1: Tittle of Post should Easy approachable to visitors.

2: Tittle and Content  of post correlate each other.

3: Your blog post must have unique content.

4: Always took Post meta Tag from your post body.

5: Bold those words which found in your post tittle.

6: Insert Picture in your post as relate to content.

7: Picture size should have moderate. Its should be clear and visible for your visitors.

8: Make categories as per your data of posting. Like; if your post is about medical then in categories insert Medical category.

9: Meta description is also a main SEO tool  in boosting your blog and blog post.

10: Post have complete data about selected topic. For example; you are posting about the treatment of COVID-19 then in your post body there should be clear information about this disease. If you leave your post incomplete then google, Baidu or any search engine which you are using  their Bots have ignore your post position on top. Bots prefer such data which have complete information for visitor. Here Visitors also have take good impression if we put all information which they demand.

11: Some people use shortcut to boost their post in google search page. they make tittle and description same with top ranked and mostly searched title. they paste copyrighted content in their post. So google hide its post and alarm to change blog post url which violate shows from your site.

12: In such cases you should to change your url of post with some words adding. then your such contented post will be published and you will get space again in top positions.

13: Free your site from crawl errors. Your site should be Mobile, PC and other android devices friendly.


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