How To Increase Cotton Crop Yield Service

How To Increase Cotton Crop Yield

Cotton is major fiber crop of the world. Textile products mainly depends on cotton crop. It is growing from 700 years ago. India have Major share in cotton growing. India is on the top in world with production of 5.77 Million Metric Ton. Top ten countries in cotton production are

India>China>United States>Brazil>Pakistan>Turkey>Usbekistan>Mexico>Australia and Mali.

Here in cotton production Asia have major contribution.

Now here is Question that how to increase yield of Cotton Crop?

So, Cotton have following issue. First we discuss about Cotton crop technologies and then move forward.!

Soil for Cotton can be grown on loamy clay, Sandy clay, Clay and Sandy soil.

Season of Cotton is started from March to end in December in Asia. Peak season for good germination is last week of march to whole April and Mid May. It can be vary with areas and climatic changes.

Fertilizer Plan for Better Growth and yield of Cotton requires following fertilizers.

50 Kg Potash, 75-80 kg Phosphorus, 70 kg Nitrogen and 10 kg Sulfer. These are micro nutrients which are most essential for better yield. Micro nutrient with Zinc, Boron, Iron and Calcium.

Major Pest in Cotton crop are with Sucking pest White fly, Jassaid, Thrips and Chewing (American boll-worm, Army worm, Pink boll-worm.)

Economical Threshold Level of above pests are;

White Fly 5-6 per leaf

Jassaid 1 per leaf

Thrips 8-10 per leaf

Chewing pest 5% in field are on threshold level.

General we can use two method to control pests. first is biological and second option is Chemically.

Pyriproxyfen, Buprofezin, Clothianidin and Acetamiprid are used to control White fly.

Acephate, Imida Pink, Chlorfenapyr and Fipronil can be used for Thrips.

Acephate, Nitenpyram and Clothianidin are mostly used for Jassaid control.


Some major products used in cotton crop are Acephate, Bifenthrin and Chlorantraniliprole.

Emamectin Benzoate is used to control American boll-worm.

Lufenuron is sprayed to control Army worm in Cotton crop.

Pink Boll-Worm which disturb cotton quality and also cotton boll can be controlled by Triazophos, Fipronil and Chlorantraniliprole.

This article is written on practical basis, this feed back and post content is written after some trails. Here you can change products with pest pressure and product mode of action.



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