How To Safe Environment Health and Biosafety

How To Safe Environment Health and Biosafety

We have to do research in safe fashion.

Biosafety Health and Environment

To safe yourself is the international rule, Safe yourself, fellows and environment.

Laboratory Management:

  1. Make inventory
  2. Maintain Chemicals
  3. Leave the instrument properly


It is more important for analysis. There are following points for sample safety.

  1. Processing of sample
  2. Handling
  3. Caring


  1. Standardize the instrument and by this standard we know the unit of reading
  2. Standard’s unit is the unit of the reading (a) if percentage % then reading is in percentage % (b) if unit is in ppm then reading is in ppm.

Solution Preparation:

Here is example of solution preparation. We make 2M solution of Na from Nacl and 3ppm Hcl liquid 5 gram. Specific gravity and density is needed by converted volume into mass or mass into volume.

  1. Purity
  2. pH of reaction must be maintain. pH change is important because reaction indicator based due to change in pH, color is change
  3. Buffer Solution ( Henderson equation).


It is used to separate two mixable liquid.

  1. Types and pricipl, for example (Paper/TLC) Thin Layer Chromatography.
  2. GC
  3. HPLC


Antigens and antibodies are specific.


  1. DNA extraction
  2. Charged particles applied in the polar field to separate particles.

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