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Name: Tariq Naeem Shah

Tariq Naeem Shah Articles on Agriculture

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Article Title: I am not a hero, I am a Villain!

By: Tariq Naeem Shah
Let me tell you a story!
All you have to do is keep your eyes closed while I tell the story. Just imagine what I am saying. If you open your eyes, the enjoyment of the story will be ruined !!!
Let’s start the story.

The first scene:
The crushing of sugarcane is going on loudly. There is a lot of activity in the temporary hotels built in front of the sugar mill. Tea houses are also inhabited. Somewhere music is playing and a movie show is going on in a hotel. The smell of vegetables and even chicken embroidery has made the atmosphere appetizing.
The drivers of trolleys, wheelbarrows and farmers carrying cane are lying diagonally on the shelves of the hotels. They are running hungry.

Bring bread, bring it simple, put two chickens, double spice teacher!

Is carefree, have fun, luxuries

The second scene:
Today, the mill staff is feeling strangely restless, confused and nervous. Although everything is going as usual, there is still some chaos.
The security personnel have been alerted and alerted. New covers have been put on the chairs. There is a cloud of worry and hesitation on the foreheads of the senior officers.
Some clerks and people from the can department are coming and going in the rooms with files and other papers. There is a buzz of whispers in the offices.
Telephones are constantly ringing. Mobiles are also busy. The silence before the storm is also very scary!
The “arrangements” are almost complete!

The third scene:
I have heard that the government is acting very harshly this time. The government has set up monitoring teams which will go to the spot and register the complaints of the farmers and get the direct opinion of the farmers about the performance of the sugar mills.
Suddenly a call is received on the phone from a senior mill official, “Sir, those people have arrived.”
Sahib gets up quickly, the already diligent staff becomes more vigilant. Everyone comes running out.
Today, a senior government official is visiting the mill, along with senior officials of the district administration.
The officers of the mill are very happy and enthusiastic and a briefing is given on the affairs of the mill and in this briefing the papers are also waved to add color.

The gentleman takes a cursory look at the papers and asks through the lens where the farmers are.
Suddenly some of the mill staff come forward and claim to be farmers with their hands on their chests and reassure the big man that the relationship with the mill farmers has been ideal this season.
The question of any kind of complaint does not arise.
Sahib looks at the papers in front of him again.
They breathe a sigh of relief, so much so that one of the highest officials of the mill steps forward and puts a garland of flowers around his neck.
The tea is getting cold.

The last scene:
The team of officers has gone. The body language of the top government official was saying that they are satisfied.
The entire mill staff breathed a sigh of relief.
Hundreds of millions of lives,
In today’s exam, the red-faced senior officers take out their mobile phones and tell someone the news of “all is well” and close their eyes leaning against the back of the chair.
Sanjay Dutt’s film “Khalnaik” is being screened in a hotel across the street.
The farmer brothers are watching the movie with great interest.
The lyrics are echoing,
“I’m not a hero, I’m the only one.”
“I am very sad to be oppressed”

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