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Article Title: Its not my write-up Its my Pain!

Written by: Tariq Naeem Shah

” I don’t write, I write pain
There are lamentations, not my words!

You are omnipotent and just except in your place
There are so many bitter, slave times
One thing that always strikes the heart is why the capitalist’s money is so dignified and why we farmers’ commodities are so disrespectful? We are workers, we produce crops by sweating blood, but why are we humiliated at every turn, at every place? Why are we made to realize that your crop and you are just dotke! Why are shocks destined? Why was the wait written in destiny?

One side of the picture:
In the line of sugarcane lorries, four drivers are playing with pebbles and shards, drawing lines on the ground, when suddenly there is a roar. From afar, some people are coming in a state of haste. Three people are prominent in the crowd. Notable from clothes, prominent from gait shield, prominent from speech, prominent from accent,,, prominent from Pharaonic!

These are the workers of the sugarcane factory and they have been assigned to go to the sugarcane trucks and determine the freshness of the sugarcane, the type and status of the farmer who brought the sugarcane. If the sugarcane belongs to a feudal lord, then the capitalist And the vicious nexus of the feudal lord comes to the fore and even the relatively bad sugarcane is stamped with the seal of approval.
Can’t clean the fold? Damage to the mill? Take care of the future!
Yes, if your luck helped and you managed to appease Sahib Bahadur with your flattering words, then it is possible for you and your sugarcane to die. But if, God willing, Sahib Bahadur’s mood ( If an officer’s shoes fall off) and he’s angry, your lorry will be deducted four percent!
It is as if the decision of your destiny has been handed over to a luffang who can get bread at home by showing his identity card!

The other side of the picture:
Today is the day of payments. A crowd of farmers has gathered in front of the bank. All the people are sitting behind a big table. Two or three ugly faces have been left at the mercy of the clerks. The clerks are not taking care of them. Some names are called and a gentleman suddenly stands up. He tries to go inside the bank with a bundle of papers under his arm. Hardness on his face, harshness in his tone, carelessness in his style!
Just like chickens come after chickens, all the farmers run after this person. The entity has been taken into custody and taken inside the bank. The farmers, however, go under the security guard to search. Now these gentlemen will be sent away like untouchables only after security clearance.
Although the receipt of sugarcane has the status of a check as per the law made by the government, the fertile minds of the mill have tied the tail of the voucher by colluding with the bank to avoid the daily harassment of the farmers.


First the CPR will come out, then the voucher will be issued, then the executive director will get approval from the factory owner, then the voucher will get official approval from the head office, then the GM will sign the voucher, then the GM accounts will be closed, then the audit team Consideration will be given to review the details, then the record will be telegraphed inside the factory, then after the approval of the senior official of the accounts, it will be handed over to the clerks, they will take the farmers themselves to the bank, then according to the bank manager mode and He will weigh in the scales of honor and decide who is entitled to the money first and then the farmer’s number will come!

First the MNAs, the MPAs, then the landlords’ pets, then the people in the good books of the mill officers, then the average but smart farmer who treats the clerks in hotels and finally the jute!
In Jutt Seraiki, a common, docile acre owner is called a farmer.
How disrespectfully, disrespectfully the farmer’s sugarcane was bought by the clerks and how the money is being checked, scrutinized and given carefully!

The only difference is that the poor man belonged to the poor man, but the money belongs to Seth! Will such a little be thrown away? The whole calculation and will be given carefully! Don’t go for less than a penny!
This is the honor of us farmers and this is the position of the capitalist. This is the story of every farmer, not just one!
Such stories are scattered in every factory, every mill, every place and every market!
Written by Syed Tariq Naeem Shah

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