Major Mistakes Resulting Raise COVID-19

There are many mistakes which many of us ignoring in COVID-19.

Dr from USA replied about some raised questions which are totally wrong about Corona precautions.

1:  Coronavirus will go away in summer months?

Ans: Wrong= Previous pandemics did not follow weather patterns plus as we enter summer, there will be winter in the southern hemisphere. Virus is global.

2: Virus will spread more due to mosquito bites?

Ans: This infection is spread via respiratory droplets, not blood. Mosquito don’t 0 increase spread.

3: If you can hold your breath for ten seconds without discomfort, your don’t have COVID?

Ans: Most young patients with Coronavirus will be able hold their breaths for much longer than 10 seconds and many elderly without the virus won’t be able to do it.

4: Since COVID testing is unavailable, we should donate blood. The blood bank will test for it?

No blood bank is testing for Coronavirus so this attempt will fail. Blood donation is a sacred exercise; let’s make sure we are motivated by ythe right reasons.

5: Coronavirus lives in the throat. So drink lots of water so the virus is pushed into the stomach where the acid will kill it?

Ans: Virus may gain entry via throat but it penetrates into the host cells. You can’t wash it away. Excessive water will make you run to the toilet.

6: All this social distancing is an over reaction. You’ll see that the virus won’t cause much damage?

Ans: If we don’t see many infections (I hope) it actually will prove that social distancing worked. Not that the virus was never a big deal.

7: Car accidents kill 30,000 people annually. What’s the big deal with COVID-19?

Car accident are not contagious, their fatalities don’t double every three days, they don’t cause mass panic or a market crash.

8: Hands sanitizer’s are better than soap and water?

Ans: Soap and water actually kills and washes away the virus from skin (It can not penetrate our skin cells) plus it also cleans visible soiling it hands. Don’t worry if purrell¬† was sold out at your supermarket.

9: One of the best strategies to prevent COVID-19 is to clean every door knob in your home with disinfectants?

Hand washing/ maintaining 6ft distance is best practice. Unless you’re caring for a COVID patient at home, your home surfaces should not be a big risk.

That’s it floks. Be Well. Be Kind. Have faith. See you on the other side. This too shall pass.

That’s its End!

So i think it will be clear for all of us.