New hybrid China Wheat Seed in Pakistan Update

Chinese hybrid wheat, the use of two-line hybrid techniques, has been successfully harvested on a large scale in Pakistan, according to senior Chinese companies who have experimented with hybrid wheat type boxes and realized an average building of 24.4 pc crop yield increase. Vice President of Sinochem Group Agriculture Division also visited the areas where wheat was grown on trail basis.

Data from the presentation of the Pakistan-based Guard Research and Services Company shows that wheat production in the central region of the country is up to 45 pc, he said.
Zhang mentioned that the highest drought and temperature are the main challenges for growing hybrid wheat in Pakistan. Frequent changes in government insurance policies also make it difficult to maintain challenges, he said.

Professor Muhammad Arif, Peshawar Agricultural University¬† told China Radio International that the arena has been looking for hybrid wheat but nothing has solved China’s level of luck.

With the help of Chinese experts, this method can produce about 6,000 kilograms per hectare, twice as much from the production of native wheat, Mr. Muhamad Arif said, including will free up land for different agricultural products.
Zhao Gancheng, director of the Shanghai Institute for International Studies Center for Asia-Pacific Studies, stated that the mission may only provide assistance to Pakistan to ensure the safety of certain foods and also establish China-Pakistan relations.

New hybrid China Wheat Seed in Pakistan Update

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