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Name: Tariq Naeem Shah

Tariq Naeem Shah Articles on Agriculture

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Article Title: Never beat or kill me, Press my neck straight!

Tariq Naeem Shah

Sugar mills are not running under any plan but don’t take tension, friends. Is a Seraiki proverb,
“Don’t kill, cut short.”

This means don’t get caught up in the beating, just straighten your neck.

Farmer friends, the solution to the complex forms of the fertile brains of the sugar industry and the A, B, C projects is not in the “market” but in the “undergrowth”. The only way to handle and control this scatterbrained rogue elephant is to try it out over the last two years and give it an “indulgence” with less sugarcane.

As for the rest, don’t take the tension. The price of Rs 110 sugar, which will cross Rs 170 next summer, is filling the mouths of the industry.

The idea of ​​skinning people with expensive sugar cane in the coming summer is heartwarming.

He saw it again and again with drunken eyes

By the time the wine arrived, many were gone
Kunde will also run and Gulshan’s business will also run well.

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