Rice Farmers and Their High Quality Rice Value Culture

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Name: Tariq Naeem Shah

Tariq Naeem Shah Articles on Agriculture

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Article Title: High quality rice, Rs 75 per kg!
Are you shocked But the fact is that now you can get good quality rice at around Rs. 75 per kg, just need a little attention. At present, good quality rice is available in the market at Rs. 150 to 200 per kg. Larger stores may have higher prices.
What to do?
Nowadays the rice crop is ready. Wherever you live, get a manji from a farmer in your area which will get you Rs. 2,000 per man. Spread this munji on the floor or plastic sheet in the house for three or four days to remove the moisture in it and take it to any flour grinder. Almost every mill has a rice processing machine. There is no charge for rice extraction from Munji or only Rs 40,50 per 40 kg.

Paddy worth Rs 2,000  give yield of 27 kg of rice at a cost of about Rs 75 per kg. If it is cleaned, three or four kilos of broken and about 23 kg of clean rice is obtained. This rice is in no way inferior to rice at Rs. 200 / – per kg in taste.
The same rice that the farmer grows is also available in the market. Their processing and packaging is done a little better but the taste is the same.
If you live in the city, you can ask a friend in your village for munji or paddy or you can order rice directly from the village.
Tariq Naeem Shah

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