Sugar Mills Appealed from Government to Bound Farmer Area

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Name: Tariq Naeem Shah

Tariq Naeem Shah Articles on Agriculture

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Article Title: let’s again talk about the healing of a wound!

Written by Tariq Naeem Shah
The sugar industry has written a letter to the government requesting that the farmers are not paying us Rs.
Entangled in the long hair of a friend
Here you go, hunter!
Hi, mother, charity is my cause.

Why ? Cry so fast?
Just got hurt and cried sir?
How many wounds on our hearts, meet us!
Lots of desires, lots of life
We still live after that. Let’s meet
Friends of the sugar industry, I asked you in 2017 to do as much cruelty as you can. The farmer is called an iron rod. We will bear it but you have to cry again. Do not taste the blood of the owners by oppressing the farmer, otherwise you will regret it.

Ustad Momin Khan Momin had said,
The pleasure that was on me before, that grace, that was on my condition

I remember everything, just a little bit, you may or may not remember! ! ! ! ! !
But where did you listen to us then? You put your eyes on your forehead and rubbed seventy-seven heads around your neck! At that time, the government had fallen at your feet to run the mills, but you had run the mills on your own terms and paid less than the announced government rate. Had sat down. Remember ? So now with what mouth are you lying on the ground in front of the government and looting?
Make as many excuses as you want, but we know the reason for your crying
Your friends all know the reason for your helplessness
So don’t mention it, then change a thousand names! ! !
Come on, we forget the past. Come today!

Are you ready to give the farmer his due today? Is it permissible to sell sugar at Rs. 105 to Rs. 115 for Rs. Put your hand on your heart and tell me if you are still able to seek justice.
When the price of sugar was seventy rupees, you bought more than two and a half hundred times. Now that sugar is hovering above 100, does the rate of sugarcane become 200?

Don’t you feel ashamed or embarrassed? ? ?
You are still stuck on two hundred. The government rate is 200 because the government may have political compulsions. The government does not want to promote sugarcane officially because then the shortage of wheat creates political pressure on it, but what is the pressure on you?
Are you very nice Do feeders drink? Your fertile mind, chartered accountants, don’t tell you that it costs you thirty rupees, but you die for giving the farmer his due?

Instead of raising rates directly, you are running for government. What will the government do? How can the government snatch sugarcane from a farmer? Which farmer has the government made happy and satisfied who will ask us to give sugarcane?
The government has not even mentioned the martyrdom of our comrade in Lahore. From what mouth will they ask us to count?
“If you look at me, all three look at you.”
And , , ,
Even if the government asks us to provide sugarcane, will we give it? What is the father of the government? Our will is our hard work we give or not give!

Last thing: 
We are in favor of industry because industry and farmers are inseparable. We made sugarcane for you, I will give it to you, but talk to us, brother. Let go of government grievances, look us in the eye and talk, rate two rates!
Give what is a reasonable rate and take what is a little too much.
Not to talk long, not to talk long! ! !
Give us a Rate, rate Only talk will be about rate not do your propaganda(Sugar Industry)! ! ! ! !

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