Sugarcane Farmers in Pakistan and Sugar Industry Propaganda

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Name: Tariq Naeem Shah

Tariq Naeem Shah Articles on Agriculture

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Article Title: An autopsy on the sugar industry’s hype and propaganda
Let the illusion of the length of your stature be opened
If the twists and turns come out in this way
Research and writing by Tariq Naeem Shah
Farmer’s investment and profit per acre
(According to the general survey of different areas of Pakistan and the report submitted by me to the Government of Punjab)
Sugarcane production cost per acre with contract land 171000
The average yield of sugarcane is 800 manat per acre and if you plant a thousand manat per acre, the farmer will get Rs. 198000 after road tax.
The profit per acre of the farmer after deducting expenses is Rs. 27,000 27,000 per acre per annum
Sugar Mill’s investment per acre and profit earned
The price of 4000 kg of sugar made from one acre of sugarcane is 400000
Per acre of sugarcane by product Price of bagasse 77000 Price of press mud per acre of sugarcane 15000
The price of an acre of sugarcane molasses is Rs 45,000
In addition, electricity, cardboard, steel melting, glucose syrup, and what not are obtained through value addition.
The Sugar Mill receives a hefty sum of Rs. 500,000 per acre of sugarcane plus a total purchase price of Rs. 198,000 per acre of sugarcane.
The processing cost of one acre of sugarcane mill and the total payment to the farmer is about 260,000.
The minimum profit from sugar cane per acre is about 270,000
That is
The profit that a farmer gets after a whole year of hard work is about 27,000 27,000
The profit of the sugar mill from one acre of sugarcane is about 270,000 270,000 rupees. In addition to the rising prices of sugar, illegal cuts, weight manipulation, government subsidies, rebates and tax evasion.
At present, the potential profit from an acre of sugarcane of a sugar mill in the country of Pakistan is ten times more than the profit of a farmer.
Even if we sigh, we become infamous
Even if they kill, there is no discussion!
On the one hand, the farmer cultivates sugarcane hard all year round by enduring cold, heat, wind, storm, severe weather, snakes and scorpions and by taking a loan, and on the other hand, the sugar mill gets sugarcane at home with ease. You judge who is right and who is unjust. Who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed?
I leave the decision to you !!
(I am fully responsible for the production costs of the farmer and this year I sent a report of cost of production to the Punjab government which must have been scrutinized in detail. We are in complete darkness from the sugar mill because of their I do not have access to data and statistics. All the statistics of the sugar industry have been entered with estimates through Wikipedia and other international parameters and information of Pakistani institutions and there is no application cable for any court.

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