Transform Your Home with These 20 Easy and Affordable DIY Projects

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The world of social media is brimming with an abundance of easy DIY projects. Yes, it might seem a bit overwhelming if you’re just dipping your toes in the DIY pool. But fear not, we’ve handpicked a selection of vibrant paint ideas, ingenious IKEA hacks, and other projects that are perfect for a long weekend. These projects are not only manageable but also designed to help you gradually build your confidence and skills.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you can confidently dive into the world of home repairs on your own. It’s certainly worth honing your DIY skills to bypass the need for professionals for tasks that you can tackle independently.

Often, we find ourselves spending more time contemplating about starting easy DIY projects than the actual time it takes to complete them. From mounting shelves to revamping your garden gate with a fresh coat of paint, checking off these home improvement tasks from our lists brings an immense sense of satisfaction. Provided you have the necessary tools at hand, these DIY ideas are not only straightforward but also budget-friendly.

Here’s the exciting part—these tasks won’t consume much of your precious time. We’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of straightforward projects that promise to infuse a breath of fresh air into any room of your house. This is your chance to truly personalize your space and make it distinctly yours.

1. Give Your Drawers a Facelift with Fretwork”

Transform your ordinary chest of drawers into a striking piece of décor with the help of fretwork panels. This task doesn’t require much time, yet the result is truly remarkable. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the drawers to get rid of grime or any sticky substances. Next, use a small roller to paint the drawer fronts.

Once the paint has dried, stick the fretwork panels onto the drawer fronts using double-sided tape. The stylish Porto furniture overlays from Moon Wall Stickers, as used in this project, are ideal for any IKEA drawer unit, saving you the hassle of trimming the panels to fit.

2. Assemble a chic styling station

Looking for a savvy solution to untangle and organize your jeweler? Consider mounting a custom-cut corkboard panel above your dresser or vanity. Not only does it keep your precious trinkets in order, but it also declutters your surfaces.

Simply tailor the cork’s size to snugly fit between your shelf brackets and voila, you’ve got a neat spot to store boxes and baskets. Hang your necklaces from chic pins and stick your earrings directly into the cork. It’s efficient and stylish!

3. Craft a Wall of Woven Storage Baskets

Imagine a world where your living room always stays tidy and organized, free from the chaos of scattered toys and books. With this smart and simple DIY project, that dream can become a reality in under an hour! This clever toy storage idea targets clutter hotspots and promotes a culture of tidiness among family members, saving you countless hours of cleaning time.

Begin by securing some robust metal hooks to your wall. Then, hang a handled basket on each hook. Not only do willow baskets look charming and stylish, but they also serve as perfect containers for those quick end-of-the-day tidy-ups of toys, books, and magazines. To personalize this storage solution, label a basket for each family member. This way, everyone has a dedicated spot to store their belongings, thereby promoting responsibility and organization within your home.

4. Construct Your Own Petite Alfresco Cooking Space”

Are you grappling with a compact balcony, snug courtyard, or tiny terrace? Don’t let your limited outdoor area discourage you from constructing a mini alfresco kitchen. This design has a small footprint that can fit into even the most minimal of spaces.

Begin by selecting a single wooden trellis panel and give it a splash of your favorite color. Then, find four wooden crates of identical size and paint the exterior surfaces to match. After they’re dry, flip them on their side, assemble and secure with fastenings, and then screw them onto the bottom of the painted trellis panel. Position your new creation against a wall and decorate with your outdoor cooking essentials.

5. Craft a Curtain for Your Sink

The resurgence of classic kitchen designs and cozy cottage kitchens has brought the sink curtain back into the limelight. This clever design trick is a budget-friendly solution for anyone wanting to conceal an unsightly part of their kitchen – it’s even renter-friendly!

First, pick out some fabric. Maybe you’ve got old curtains or a tablecloth lying around that can be repurposed. Cut your chosen fabric to the right size, hem the edges, and make a loop at the top to thread a thin curtain rail or a tension rod through, like this one from Dunelm. If you’re not so handy with a sewing machine, don’t sweat it — you can still create a neat hem using hemming tape and attaching clip-on curtain rings.

6. Give Your Footstool a Fresh New Look

Looking to dive into an easy and rewarding DIY project? Consider reupholstering a footstool. This simple task requires little more than a footstool, some fabric, and a staple gun. If you don’t already have a footstool, don’t worry – you can get one at a bargain price with home decor discount codes, or find a pre-loved one on eBay.

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Before you start, our Deputy Digital Editor and DIY enthusiast Rebecca Knight advises, ‘Ensure you have the correct measurements of your footstool. This will help you choose the right amount of fabric, with a bit extra to hide any potential mishaps.’

If your footstool is still in decent shape, Knight suggests, ‘You might want to simply wrap your new fabric over the existing one. This can save you valuable time. However, if you’re aiming for a total transformation, feel free to strip it down and infuse some extra padding for a refreshed look.’

7. Revamp Your Coffee Table with Tiles

Ready to breathe new life into your old coffee table? Consider revamping it with a splash of tiles and a dash of paint. While this project is a fabulous candidate for a bank holiday activity, keep in mind that you’ll need to allow some time for the grout to dry.

Our very own Deputy Digital Editor took on this venture, sourcing both the secondhand table and tiles from eBay. The biggest takeaway from the experience? The importance of meticulous preparation. Ensuring the tiles fit perfectly before you start laying them is a must – double, even triple check for good measure.

Surprisingly, the project turned out to be a breeze. It was such a hit among friends that they found it hard to believe it was a DIY job! A pro-tip to keep in mind is to opt for pre-mixed tile adhesive and grout. Not only does it keep the mess at bay but it also expedites the process.

8. Create a Bold, Nautical-Stripe Accent Wall

Exploring how to paint a room? Why not introduce a captivating and playful element to your space with a nautical-stripe feature wall? This simple yet striking design uses floor-to-ceiling stripes to add depth and character. Stick to classic navy and white for a timeless look or dare to be different with contrasting hues like vibrant pink and bold red.

Begin the transformation by painting the entire wall in your chosen base color, like a clean, crisp white. Follow this with wide decorators tape or masking tape, applied in stripes from the floor to the ceiling, maintaining an equal width between each stripe. Once you are satisfied with the alignment and positioning, use a roller to apply your secondary color, perhaps a deep navy, over the entire wall, covering the taped areas as well as the spaces in between.

Allow the first coat of paint to dry before applying a second layer. But here’s a crucial tip – before the second coat dries fully, carefully peel off the tape. This will reveal your beautifully patterned, nautical stripe wall.

9. Craft Your Own Pillow Headboard

Looking for a simple and cost-effective way to elevate your bedroom’s style? This innovative bedroom idea will transform your plain divan bed base into a piece of art with a unique, pillow-hanging headboard.

Start by envisioning where you would like your pillow headboard to be positioned – consider the height above your bed and the distance between the pillows. Once you have a plan, mark the points with a pencil on your wall. Next, prepare four slim leather straps of about 150cm each, and securely fasten them on your wall using sturdy metal tacks. The goal here is to create loops that can hold your pillows firmly, preventing them from slipping out, while allowing them to retain their shape. Slide your pillows into the loops, ensuring they are evenly supported and voila! – your pillow headboard is ready.

Remember, using basic pillowcases instead of fancy silk ones will make the cleaning process a breeze, keeping your DIY headboard looking fresh and clean all year round.

10. Craft a Unique Panelled Feature Wall

Revitalize your living space with a twist on the traditional. This ingenious living room feature wall idea uses an innovative wallpaper trick that will captivate your guests. Instead of a standard pattern, opt for a mural wallpaper that illustrates an engaging view or scene.

The first step is to find a mural that sparks joy for you, ideally one that covers from floor to ceiling. Murals typically come in 3-4 large panels, which are affixed to the wall in the same manner as traditional wallpaper. Next, cut strips of MDF, about 10 cm wide, to create your panelling. Overlay these on the mural, securing each panel with nails. Use filler to smooth out any dents or holes caused by the nails, then sand until the surface is even. Lastly, paint the wood in a shade that complements your room. You may require two coats for an impeccable finish.

For an extra touch of sophistication, consider painting the panelling in a darker shade of grey or black. This creates a striking illusion of gazing through black steel-framed windows. A simple yet impactful way to elevate your living space.

11. Revive Your Vanity with a Splash of Color

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Give your dressing table a vibrant makeover with a fun bedroom wall decor idea. An ensemble of brightly painted dot wall hooks not only adds a burst of color to your vanity or desk space, but it also creates an interesting visual display. Arrange them randomly above the table and use them to hang lightweight mirrors, your favorite jewelry, scarves, or even a mini speaker to add a touch of personal style.

You can either buy ready-made colored dot hooks or let your creativity flow by crafting your own. All you need are wooden craft circles and short lengths of wooden dowel for screw fixings.

12. Breathe New Life into Your Cabinet Doors with Fluted Film

Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with this simple DIY trick. Employ a glass film like this Solyx Reeded Glass adhesive film, starting at £16.67 for a L30xW68.5cm roll from Glass Films, to morph a bland display cabinet into a trendy living room storage solution. Not only does the fluted glass film add a touch of elegance, it also shields your cabinet from chips and scratches. For a unique twist, consider a stained glass or patterned window film design to create a truly personalized piece.

Remember, less is more when it comes to arranging items inside your newly updated cabinet. Create a visually pleasing balance by showcasing items with intriguing shapes, stacks of bowls or piles of books. This will ensure your display looks curated and not cluttered.

13. Transform Your Child’s Bed with Wallpaper

Why not give a simple Kura bunk bed, £189, Ikea, a new lease of life with a lively jungle-themed wallpaper? Start off by measuring and cutting the wallpaper to the required dimensions, then attach it to the bed’s front and end panels with paste. If you’re thinking about painting the frame, make sure to do it before applying the wallpaper. To create a cozy reading corner, adorn the bottom bunk with cushions, fairy lights, and books.

For an extra touch of whimsy, consider painting a scalloped wall in your child’s bedroom.

14. Revamp Your Kitchen Island with Wallpaper

Why not breathe new life into your kitchen by wallpapering one side of your kitchen island? This small change can introduce a unique pattern and color to a minimalist kitchen design. Your first step should be to measure the surface area of the island to determine the amount of wallpaper required. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to utilize leftovers from a previous project or just need a single roll.

Before you start, ensure the island side is free of dust and grime. A cream cleaner can be used for a thorough wash, followed by a wipe down with a damp cloth. Once dry, apply a strong adhesive, like a permanent spray mount, robust wallpaper paste, or multi-surface glue, depending on the island’s material. Carefully align your chosen wallpaper and smooth out any air pockets or uneven spots as you go along.

Seal and safeguard your project with a clear varnish, or for a trendy, functional touch, wrap it in a vibrant Perspex sheet.

16. Transform Your Drawers with Dowelling

Ever thought about giving your old drawers a fresh, modern twist? This easy DIY project can be completed in an afternoon and will transform your ordinary set of drawers into an impressive centerpiece. The magic ingredient here is dowelling. First, decide on the dowel width you prefer; a fluted front offers a designer look. Remember, thinner dowels may be a bit more challenging to work with, but they will still yield a delightful upgrade.

Your next step is to measure the height of each drawer, then cut your dowels to the necessary size. The dowels should then be attached to the drawer fronts in vertical strips. This can be done using a robust wood glue or, alternatively, you can use tiny tacks for added security.

When your dowels are firmly in place and dry, it’s time to get creative with color. Paint the dowels to match the unit, or for a more daring approach, paint the entire cabinet in a bold, eye-catching hue. You can use furniture chalk paint or a matt eggshell paint to achieve this remarkable transformation.

17. Install Ombré-Effect Shelves

Inject a dose of playful flair into your room by mounting three shelves and painting them the same hue as the wall above. This creates a visually intriguing and tonal look that’s bound to draw attention. Opt for shades from the same colour family to achieve a modern ombré effect that serves as an ideal backdrop for decor items in corresponding colours.

Floating shelves are a chic and effortless solution to incorporate additional storage or display space into any area. Whether it’s a spot for your favorite crockery and plants in the kitchen or dining room, or a cozy corner for your books, photos, and trinkets in the living room or bedroom, the options are abundant.

Mounting a shelf is a task that shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge, even for those with basic DIY skills. Once you learn how to install a floating shelf, you’ll feel more confident for future projects. All you need is a sound wall, the right fixings to secure your shelf, a drill, and a spirit level, and you’re good to go!

18. Transform Your Drawers with Textured Wallpaper

Bring a fresh lease of life to your ordinary, unadorned drawer set by incorporating textured wallpaper – a simple yet effective way to add character and depth. You may cringe at the thought of Anaglypta, but rest assured, it’s made a stylish comeback and is an excellent choice for this project. Your first step is to take accurate measurements of your drawer fronts to ensure a perfect fit when you purchase your wallpaper. A wide range of both vintage-inspired and contemporary designs can be found at WallpaperDirect.

Proceed to cut your chosen wallpaper to fit the exact dimensions of your drawer fronts. Ensure each piece aligns perfectly before using wallpaper paste or a robust adhesive to fix each panel. Once attached, it’s essential to check for any air bubbles and smooth out the paper. Wipe down with a damp cloth to finish.

For the final touch, add sleek modern handles to your drawers. To truly make it a statement piece, consider painting the entire drawer set in a bold shade like dark green or navy, bringing it squarely into the contemporary realm.

19. Transform a Pinboard with Eye-Catching Paper

Start with a simple cork pin board, £11.99,  Amazon. Then, wrap it in a bold, patterned wallpaper to produce a stylish and functional addition to your home office, kitchen, or children’s bedroom. Choose a striking print that complements the room’s color palette. This is a great way to add visual interest to a wall while keeping various papers – from tickets and postcards to bills and memos – organized and easily accessible.

20. Add a Dash of Elegance with an Off-Centre White Stripe

Consider transforming a plain wall into a work of art by painting a bold, off-centre stripe in white. Complement this striking feature with soothing shades of blue on either side, creating a colour block effect that refreshes your space. This effortless painting technique not only enhances the perceived height of your ceilings but also adds a captivating visual element to your room. Alternatively, you could opt for the same colour on each side of the stripe, thereby requiring just a can of white paint to achieve this stylish update!

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