World Health Organization Declared Corona Virus a Pandemic

Last night Director General WHO has announced that COVID-19 has declared as a Pandemic. It has spread more than 114 countries. 58 countries announced that they have more than 10 patients affected by this Corona .  It was started from China from and now moves to many countries. it is too much alarming situation about this virus. he said that we are watching it critically.

WHO also informed that we have much tension about China and India where are no satisfactory precautionary measures to control this virus due to huge population.

Italy have tense condition, the raise of newly cases and death ratio due to Corona Novel has been extended. Its the latest update of Italy with Graph.


WHO has been surveying this flare-up nonstop and we are profoundly concerned both by the disturbing degrees of spread and seriousness, and by the disturbing degrees of inaction.

We have in this way made the appraisal that COVID-19 can be portrayed as a pandemic.

Pandemic isn’t a word to utilize softly or indiscreetly. It is a word that, whenever abused, can cause preposterous dread, or unjustified acknowledgment that the battle is finished, prompting superfluous misery and passing.

Portraying the circumstance as a pandemic doesn’t change WHO’s appraisal of the danger presented by this infection. It doesn’t change what WHO is doing, and it doesn’t change what nations ought to do.

We have at no other time seen a pandemic started by a coronavirus. This is the primary pandemic brought about by a coronavirus.